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What chains are supported on the Magic Eden Wallet?
Currently tokens and NFTs / Ordinals across all major chains (BTC, ETH, SOL, POLY) are supported on the Magic Eden WalletThe Magic Eden wallet can also be seamlessly connected to any SOL or BTC-focused dapp to purchase and trade NFTs.

For ETH-focused dapps, please refer to the following Help Center Article on how to connect your wallet.

Additionally, the Magic Eden wallet is the first wallet to be integrated directly into an NFT platform; this means that you can list, and accept offers on your SOL NFTs directly from the wallet
Is there a Magic Eden mobile app?
We're cooking 🫡. Stay tuned :).
Can I use the Magic Eden Wallet on every dApp?
Yes! The Magic Eden Wallet should work on all dApps on Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. If you don't see Magic Eden Wallet as an available option in the connect wallet flow, go to the account tab (last tab), click settings, and toggle on "Prioritize Magic Eden." Hard refresh on the site that you're on. The prioritize function will allow you to inject the Magic Eden Wallet over other providers.

The injection will only work for MetaMask on Ethereum and Polygon, Xverse for Bitcoin, and Phantom for Solana. We are continuing to work with more dApps to make it easy for you to login to any dApp in the ecosystem.
Can I import another seed phrase or private key to the Extension?
We currently only support importing one seed phrase to the Browser Extension, although we will be adding Ledger support very soon. We are working on expanding to offering multiple seed phrase support over time.

We recommend trying out the other chains on your original seed phrase! A multichain wallet is incredibly powerful since you don't need to manage so many seed phrases. All your NFTs on all chains in one easy wallet.
How does your swaps product work?
Exodus powers our swaps product. We support any x-chain swap within the Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon ecosystems. We work with Exodus to ensure competitive rates, but during periods of high network activity, gas fees can be higher than normal on smaller swap amounts. The swaps product itself will always show you how much you're swapping and how much you'll be getting back.
If I create a new wallet to start, can I import an existing wallet later?
Not right now. You'll need to delete your initial account if you want to import another seed phrase. The Magic Eden Wallet only supports one seed phrase at a time (with the exception of our Ledger integration which is coming soon). When you create a wallet, that wallet is linked to a seed phrase. When you want to import another wallet, that wallet is a second seed phrase. We are working hard to supporting multiple seed phrases soon!
I imported my Xverse wallet and don't see all my separate accounts?
The Magic Eden wallet uses a different wallet architecture than Xverse. Our "account" structure creates new "accounts" using the BIP32 standard whereas Xverse's new "accounts" create new "addresses." If you've imported an account from Xverse with multiple accounts, you should now see all your token assets and NFTs under the original first account structure. You can send and receive everything in all those accounts like a regular wallet. Please see this help article for more context.
I don't see a token I have in my account?
We generally import all assets as long as some dollar value is detected. However, if we are missing any assets, you can go to the bottom of the token page and click "Add more." The list should show you all detected tokens on your account.
I used the prioritize feature and now I can't use my other wallet
No problem! Just go to the account tab, click settings, and toggle off the "Prioritize Magic Eden" button. Hard refresh your webpage and you can use your other wallets. If you ever change your mind, you can toggle it back on in the same place.
Where can I submit bugs/feedback?
There's two ways to share bugs or feedback: 1. File a ticket using the bot in the bottom right hand corner, or 2. Join our Discord and share your feedback 🙏🏻
What is the Magic Eden Reward Program?
While we strive to make digital ownership universal, we need a rewards program that can match that vision. Magic Eden Rewards is the first multi-chain, multi-product rewards program in web3.

While the rewards program will not be available for wallet immediately at launch, it will be launched soon, and the ME team will inform wallet owners when the rewards program will be available for wallet. Please note, you will still earn rewards for any activity that you perform on Magic Eden.
How will the Magic Eden Rewards Program work with wallet?
Not only is Magic Eden Wallet the best for collecting NFTs, it will also the best wallet to maximize your Diamond Rewards. The more you use your Magic Eden Wallet to complete Diamond Quests, the more you’ll earn.

Once rewards are available for wallet, for every Diamond earning buy, listing, or offer that’s made using your Magic Eden Wallet you’ll receive a +100% Diamond Bonus on that action. Make sure your Magic Eden Wallet is connected and the one used to receive the bonus.
When will rewards be available for wallet usage?
While rewards will not be available for the Magic Eden Wallet at launch, the team is working quickly to roll out the rewards program for wallet usage soon!
Will I be able to track my rewards activity in the wallet?
Coming soon! In the meantime, all rewards activity will be tracked on Magic Eden
When will the diamonds from the wallet multiplier be deposited into my wallet?
Diamonds will not be digitally stored within wallet, and will be handled on Magic Eden.

You will, however, eventually be able to view your diamond balances in wallet. Once rewards activity tracking is available in wallet, it will reflect the total earnings displayed in your account on the Magic Eden Platform
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