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May 24, 2024

Sunsetting BRC-20 In-Wallet Token Support

What’s Happening

Starting June 7th, we will be removing BRC-20s support from Magic Eden Wallet. This means that from June 7th onwards, you will no longer be able to view or transact with BRC-20 tokens in your Magic Eden Wallet.

Why It’s Happening

At Magic Eden Wallet, we’re committed to providing you with the best experience. The decision to sunset BRC-20 support is motivated by our commitment to providing a seamless and scalable experience for our users. By refocusing our resources, we can better support the features and services that are most valuable to our community. This strategic move will help us enhance our infrastructure and improve overall wallet performance.

How to Prepare

We understand that this change may take time to prepare for. Leading up to June 7, please transfer your BRC-20 tokens to other compatible wallets.

If you do not transfer by June 7th, rest assured, your BRC-20s will not be lost. Because the Magic Eden Wallet is self custody, you still own and can access your BRC-20s, but will need to import to another wallet to view.

For detailed instructions, refer to our Help Centre Article; our team is more than happy to help guide you through the process.

We will send out one more reminder on Friday, May 31st. Thanks for being a user, and we appreciate your patience and support!

April 4, 2024

SOL Network Congestion: Expect Higher Send / Swap Failures

SOL has been experiencing heavy network congestion over the last 30 hours, impacting all dApps. For Magic Eden Wallet, this has resulted in increased rates of send / swap failures for SOL. Users may need to try multiple times in order to successfully send / swap within the Magic Eden Wallet.

We will continue to monitor the network and provide updates; if you need assistance, please reach out through our bot to file a ticket with customer support. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

March 14, 2024

ME Wallet Improvements: 2.7.1

What’s Happening

In the last week, some Magic Eden Wallet users are seeing transactions on Solana failing to confirm and remain in a "pending" state. The reason for this is because they are not being recorded on the blockchain (for an explanation on why, please read the following section).

At the same time, users' balances in the Magic Eden Wallet are being updated as though the transactions have been confirmed, even though they haven't. This is leading to concerns over potentially lost funds.  

First off, your funds are safe and are always self-custodied by you. Transactions can always be verified using an explorer (e.g. like Solscan) or reaching out to our support team. This problem is a broader Solana network issue and is not a direct performance issue of the Magic Eden Wallet. 

Why it’s Happening

For many chains, transactions that pay higher fees can get priority inclusion on the following block. For Solana, increased fees don’t lead to prioritization of transactions, but rather increase the probability of inclusion.

During times of peak congestion, the result is many transactions fighting for limited blockspace.  

Solana is planning an upgrade to its priority fee structure with an upcoming patch that should alleviate the issues mentioned above.

How We’re Helping

Our eng team has been working over the last three days to release a build that will improve UX to enhance the success rates of “stuck” transactions on Solana:

1. By collaborating with our RPC providers, we've optimized our call routing and methods, ensuring transactions are processed more efficiently and quickly reach the block.

2. We have increased our priority fees for Solana transactions.

3. We have introduced additional redundancy in our Solana infrastructure.

We are confident that these actions will significantly boost Solana's transaction success rate, and are in the process of evaluating the build. We anticipate that the update should be rolled out to all Magic Eden Wallet users by this evening.

For those that have filed tickets with us, we will be working with each user to confirm that the build solves key issues.

To further preserve user experience, we made some small adjustments to timelines on perks and offers for the Magic Eden Wallet:

1. Beta Testers will have until Tuesday, March 19th to claim their Soulbound NFT

2. Our fourth commemorative Open Edition with Steady Stack will be delayed until we feel confident that users will have a great experience. We will update users with a public announcement on the rescheduled date.

What To Do If You’re Affected

1. Make sure you have your seed phrase saved. This is critical to accessing your funds and can be found in the security section of your ME Wallet profile.

2. Make sure you are upgraded to the latest build of the wallet - this will be version 2.7.1; if you’re unsure what extension you are on, you can simply uninstall and reinstall the extension

3. Re-import your wallet using your saved seed phrase

4. If you’re still experiencing issues, please file a ticket with us through our intercom bot on; you can find the bot in the bottom right hand corner, and click “messages” (second icon on bottom navigation bar)

Future Improvements

Going forward, we’ll be doing the following things to keep users aware of important updates and announcements:

1. A notification banner is launching in our upcoming build. We’ll utilize this banner to inform users of any broad reaching issues we’re seeing with any networks.

2. We’re releasing a new feature on our Magic Eden Wallet Website titled “Updates”, where we’ll release weekly patch notes and any major announcements on network issues we’re seeing.

3. We’re working through a process with our social team on when / how to broadcast messaging on experiences and updates with the wallet to keep the community informed.

Your experience is important to us, and we appreciate everyone’s support as we continue to improve our systems and processes.