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March 27, 2024

v2.8 Build, Released 3/27/2024

  • Wallet import selector: Users will be able to pick the wallet they are importing from to ensure reliability of having access to the correct addresses
  • Clear Cache button in Advance Setting: Users will be able to refresh their wallet data to refresh their balances and transaction history.
  • Show / Hide Password: Users will be able to toggle their password inputs to view their passwords while typing

March 18, 2024

v2.7.3 Build, Released 3/18/2024

  • UX improvements to remove "sending" if transaction (send / swap) fails: Fixes users in send / swap purgatory state, restoring users funds and allowing user to try transaction again.
  • pNFT send fix: Removes the Token22 error message from SOL pNFTs, and improves chances for of pNFT successful send in wallet

March 15, 2024

v2.7.2 Build, Released 3/15/2024

  • Transaction Signing Improvements: Fixes transaction signing for web3 dapps if it contained an error message
  • Enable send of Max funds: Adds minimum Solana balance of 0.01 to fix error when sending with "Max" enabled
  • Crash Update: Fix crash if AssetIcon doesn't exist

March 12, 2024

v2.7.1 Build, Released 3/122024

  • Solana Support: Solana transactions fixes (loads only 100 transactions) to reduce possible ban from the RPC and improvement to priority fees on Solana for higher chance of landing transactions
  • Announcements list and banners: New feature in-extension allowing users to receive the latest updates on technical patches, network issues, and latest perks‍‍
  • Rare Sats Extension: Expanded total number of available Rare sats to view
  • Design Polish Solana OE Mint Flow: UI improvements to enhance the overall SOL Open Edition mint flow