Elevated Privacy & Security for You & Your Holdings

Your Collections, Your Security, Our Priority.

Keeping Your Collections Safe

Your Keys, Your Wallet

Seize full control with our self-custodial wallet—your keys, your domain.

Verified & Audited by Halborn

Our wallet has passed the most stringent security checks by Halborn, a world-renowned leader in the blockchain industry

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Open Source

Transparency matters. Exploring our open-source keychain module, the first step in sharing our wallet's architecture.

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Built-In Ledger Support

Connect to any decentralized app securely. Ledger support enables interaction for a seamless, trusted experience.

Keeping You Safe

Hide Spam NFTs

Filter out NFT spam hassle-free. Our wallet can hide unwanted and dubious airdrops with one-click, shielding collectors from clutter.

Scam Detection

Our wallet employs a robust Fraud Detection Engine, utilizing transaction analysis and machine learning across all chains for comprehensive fraud prevention.

Your Data, Your Rules

Magic Eden will not have access to the funds in your wallet, or any information that directly identifies who you are. However, Magic Eden may have access to certain actions or product interactions in order to improve your experience with the product (i.e. for distributing any rewards you may be eligible for). To understand data accessed by Magic Eden, we welcome you to review the Magic Eden Privacy Policy and visit our FAQs.